Living as the Brooklynites do

Such an interesting stat - if the entire US population lived as densely as the residents of Brooklyn, New York do, we could all fit in the state of New Hampshire! For real? Well, the final message is touching: "We'd all be neighbors." Love that! via: Cartophilia


Open Book: China!

Old red and yellow propaganda posters like below (these taken with Jen's phone) inspired our Beijing pattern:


New Map Print Sizes!

13x19 - lookin' snazzy!

Available as personalized momentos too (click here):

China from above!

Drum rollll... A new JHill pattern, dedicated to someplace special in China (eep! specifics remain top secret!), is set to debut tomorrow. We're buzzing - excited to release it and keep momentum going thus, thought we'd share these gorgeous photos of China from Above:

We encourage you to see the video here. Photographer George Steinmetz took many of these photos from a motorized paraglider!


Etsy Portland Love!

We love this adorable pop-up card from Etsy seller Man vs. Ink. Hand crafted and silk-screened, it's a beaut!

Our beloved Portland rendition:


Fly to Australia!

Another "to-do" added on our Australia list. Check out the stunning decor of this restaurant (Singapore House) located in Adelaide, South Australia:

The food looks intriguing too! Sure to be delicious after a 22 hour plane ride.

Click to visit the Singapore Houses' website!

and click here to see JHill's Australia collection!


Trees Please!

All of the Family Tree photographs were taken at one of our favorite Boston hideaways. Secluded in Jamaica Plain, the Arnold Arboretum is a 265-acre tree sanctuary that whisks visitors away from city hustle and bustle.

photo credit: Philip Greenspun


Open Book: Family Tree!

Here's a look at Jen Hill's inspiration and a glimpse inside her Family Tree sketch book:

Finally deciding on Andalucia for the leaves and Kilauea for the trunk:

The finished design comes in two color palettes, warm and cool:

Click here to see more of our Family Tree! Our DIY (fill it in yourself option) is a great opportunity to share cherished family stories, four generations back, with your nearest and dearest.

ps. Watch out for the sleeping cat and chirping birds illustrated by JHill's dearest friend Marisa Green!


Interview with Family Tree Illustrator Marisa Green

Illustrator Marisa Green, of Studio Danae, and pattern master Jen Hill have been great friends since their freshman year at MassArt, where they attended college together. A few months ago, they decided to combine their genius and after diligent sketching and late nights with the Pantone bible, they are at last, elated to introduce their Family Tree.

We wanted to share a few more details about the artist who created these lovely drawings, bringing charm and "oh la la" to the family tree. See the interview with Marisa Green below.

1. Tell us about Studio Danae.

I started Studio Danae. back in 2005. After the sudden loss of my father to cancer, I quit my job at a renowned stationery store in Boston, designing wedding invitations, and decided to pursue freelance full time. I wanted to be able to continue my graphic design work while having an outlet to illustrate as well. Since then I've worked on everything from 3D paper craft projects and photo greeting cards to book illustrations and identity design. Eventually I would love to write and illustrate my own coffee table books. I find that writing is an integral part of my creative process.

2. Are there any Places You Have Been or Places You Have Never Been which particularly inspire you and why?

I love to travel whenever possible. Some of the Places I Have Been that remain an inspiration to me are Italy and Costa Rica.

The art, architecture, landscape, FOOD, and general way of life in Italy, for me are unrivaled. However, you can't beat the slow and breezy drives on the dirt roads of Costa Rica.
The colorful patterns, wild life, and beaches will forever hold a place in my heart.

One of the Places I Have Never Been and would love to go to is Sardinia. My grandfather was born there and I've always wanted to see where he grew up. I think JHill would really make a spectacular print about Sardinia (hint hint).

3. What's the best part of being an artist in Portland, OR?

The best part of being an artist in Portland is the constant flow of inspiration. Whether it's hiking Mt. Hood, camping at the coast, eating amazing food, going to a plethora of local art events, or gardening in my own back yard, I find myself hard pressed to lose the urge to create. If anything, I have a hard time deciding what project to start next.

4. How did you and JHill meet?

Jen and I met when we were freshman in art school at Mass Art in Boston. We were at an orientation in the courtyard hanging out on the grass and we started talking. After that we ran into each other in the dorms a few times and the rest is pretty much history. When we were sophomores we moved in together and enjoyed an amazing and hilarious three years as roommates. She is my closest and dearest friend and I love her like mad!

5. How did the Family Tree materialize? What was your design process?

Jen approached me about creating some illustrations for the family tree project. The process was pretty organic. She sent me a few inspirational images and told me what her vision was. From there I sketched out a bunch of different ideas, we narrowed them down and then I vectorized the drawings. After that we sent files back and forth until we were both happy with how our styles worked together. The last piece of the puzzle was deciding on a few different color pallets, which I found to be a really fun process. I'd love to collaborate again with Jen in the future.

6. Just for kicks - what's your favorite kind of tree?

I LOVE weeping willows because they are elegant and enchanting. They remind me of southern belles and classic novels.

To view Marisa Green's blog click here! Visit her site here!

Click here to see more images or purchase the final Family Tree.

Hello, Family Tree!

Happy "back to school" season is upon us - time for new pencils and shiny lunch boxes. JHillDesign also feels it is the perfect time to debut an additional something special for the youngsters in your life. Say hello to the Family Tree!

A modern twist on a family classic, JHill’s Family Tree, was designed in collaboration with illustrator Marisa Green of Studio Danae, and is sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come. Printed with archival inks on our soft velvet paper, it can be customized in our studio or sent to you blank for DIY fill-in-the-blank action.

Click here to see more!


A Collection a Day

We keep excited eyes on this blog, eager to see what San Fran artist Lisa Congdon assembles next. There are so many goodies on A Collection a Day our Jen Hill would go crazy for! She too is a self-confessed hoarder of inspiring artifacts.

Here are some of our favorite collections from Lisa's blog:


Places I Have Never Been is a collection of drawings by Jennifer Hill of JHill Design. The patterns are inspired by her imaginary vacations to far off places. Check out the collection at www.jhilldesign.com