Ski and Swim in the Same Day

When starting my research about Vancouver I picked up some some guide book and read the line, "you can ski and swim in the same day." Well, how crazy does that sound? And they aren't talking about skiing on some indoor mountain when it is 90 degrees outside either. There are ski areas just twenty minutes outside of downtown Vancouver and a few beaches right around the city. Now I'm not sure what time of year you can swim/ski... the guide book did not say this.... but I'm guessing we are talking a warm Spring here, and I bet the water is still quite chilly. But regardless, it is a great thought.
In a couple years there will be some great skiing going on in (or right outside of to be exact) Vancouver as part of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Sasso's parents went to some Olympic games years back and it is something that we would like to do too. I think it would be pretty unbelievable just to be around all those people of different cultures watching all those events.
The Olmpics worked their way into the Vancouver pattern. The Inukshuk used as the symbol of the 2010 Winter Olympics in the logo designed by artist Elena Rivera MacGregor. An Inukshuk is a large stone landmark used by the Inuit people. You can read all about it here. The Inukshuk became a texture in the sky off the Vancouver pattern. I actually really like the logo MacGregor designed as well as the little mascot drawings. Whether I watch the Vancouver games on tv or see them in person I'm sure they are going to be a great time.
Also, the skiing that was done this weekend may not qualify me for the Olympics... but it was close. After a small debacle of me not being able to take a lesson at Mt Snow this weekend, my new friend Will took me under his wing and taught me to ski. When I strapped on those heavy skis I said to Sasso "I think I'm just going to take right to this." "Sure," he said knowing how woefully uncoordinated I am. Well I'm very proud to say that I only fell twice and I even went down a blue intermediate trail. I absolutely loved it... the trees, the sounds of the snow under your skiis, the wind rushing by, the chair lift ride. It was great and I can't wait to go again. When we left I was talking of ski racks for the GTI and entering our future children into ski camp and timeshares near the mountains. Thankfully the house we rented had a jaccuzi and I took full advantage (until I heard that it wasn't totally "clean") and that helped a lot - apparently skiing uses muscles in my feet and arms that I wasn't aware of exisited.
On another note I've found myself quite sad at the news of the actor Heath Ledger's death yesterday. It isn't often that the death of someone I have never met really gets to me, but this one did. Perhaps it is all those pictures on PerezHilton.com of him with his little girl on his shoulders. I always loved his movies and wasn't it nice to have a young actor who was so amazingly talented. A real loss, so sad.
This lovely photo on the top right is by sathwick via flickr.

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