Ooooooh... Vancouver!

A few months ago I got a very nice email from Emily at Tourism Vancouver asking if I had any Vancouver cards. They were looking for something unique that promoted the city to send as holiday gifts to editors across the country. I did in fact have a Vancouver print which I did as part of the 2006 calendar... but it was all about how rainy it is there. That doesn't really send the right message. So I did some more research and did a new pattern for them which focused on the juxtaposition of the tall glass buildings to the tall green trees, a suspension bridge, and the symbol of the upcoming Olympics. It was a lot of fun working on a pattern for them and I have lots of sketches and comps to show you. I wish I could get hired to do custom patterns all the time, that would be a blast. So above is the final print and what was printed on the back of the card. I also learned A LOT about Vancouver and really want to go there, (Sasso has always wanted to go there because Nintendo is there and apparently that is like his motherland or something).
But before I gush about Vancouver I have to go away for a few days to Southern VT with some friends. And I have to try skiiing, something I've only done once when I was about 13, and MUCH more limber. The other day I wore this great back brace that I wear when I'm at the computer (I highly recommend it to everyone) but I got a bit carried away and put it on too tight and pulled a muscle above my left lung. If I hurt myself wearing a back brace how the hell am I going to survive skiing? Pray for me.

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vineeta said...

I LOVE this design and the way it translates to the page on the right.
And shoulder backs sound like a great idea for people like us who spend upwards of 12 hours on the comp.
And you will have a ball skiing- enjoy! and bring back beautiful snow pics :)


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