And I'm Off!!

Oh man, am I looking forward to this little vacation. Lovely news, tonight I got to attend the PINE banquet and our 2008 Wall Calendar won a Pinnacle Award. She was very excited and loves to be entered into these design/printing beauty pageants, well actually it was our lovely printers that entered her into this one. None the less, holding that crystal award is as close as I'm ever going to get to getting an Oscar so I'll take it.
For some viewing pleasure - while away I'm winning millions at the slot machines - I thought I'd wrap up the book inspiration posts with some more mentions.
Textile Designs by Susan Meller and Joost Elffers : When I was designing patterns for Fresh I always turned to this book to spark my imagination. It's really well organized and has some surprising finds.
Earth from Above 365 Days by Yann Arthurs Bertrand : I saw this outdoor exposition of large scale photographs of abstract overviews of the earth in Paris in 2000. They are really extraordinary. See more of Yann's work here.
You Are Here by Katherine Harmon : This book of unique maps is really interesting. It will have you thinking of maps in a totally different way. Again, very concept driven which I love. It has me thinking of doing a patterned map of the US...
A Year in Japan by Kate T. Williamson : This is a great sketchbook of Williamson's year in Japan (duh). I love her graphic drawings, especially of her lunches. I love when people draw what they eat.
Sabra Field: The Art of Place by Tom Slayton : Sabra is one of my absolute favorite artists. Her graphic depiction of the world around her is so vibrant. When you see her prints in person not only the colors, but the way that she uses gradients will amaze you. A dream of mine is to go work with her on her Tuscany trip. I just need to sell a few calendars...
Speaking of calendars, thanks to Holly at Decor8 for including our Places I Have Never Been calendar in her beautiful calendar round up. Pass on that kitten calendar from Borders and pick up one of the beauties she lists here.
I'll be back on Wednesday, rich with all my Vegas winnings, (more likely achy with a sunburn from the supposed hiking we are going to do). Keep your fingers crossed for me.


ASD said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm very excited to check out that "You Are Here Book." . . .Have a fabulous time in Vegas. My last trip there was for a one of a kind wedding- it was a blast!!!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

So excited about your award, J!!! That is fantastic. And especialy excited b/c I now have an award winning calendar. Yay!

PS Hope you strike it big in the slot machines:-)

Wanderlust Woman said...

I remember the earth exhibit well in Paris -- at the Luxembourg Gardens with the large photo murals posted along the fence. Amazing...

Keyse said...

Congrats on that award!!!!


Places I Have Never Been is a collection of drawings by Jennifer Hill of JHill Design. The patterns are inspired by her imaginary vacations to far off places. Check out the collection at www.jhilldesign.com